12x12 Acrylic Gouache on Canvas Panel

. I think we can agree, once we get to a certain age we just start gravitating to plants.

Coming from a Hispanic household, I remember my mom, grandpa and grandma taking care of plants but I never really understood what the point was. Now that I’m in adult mode, I can appreciate the magic of nature and growth.

I appreciate, and have found comfort in propagating and making baby brother and sister plants.

I appreciate the clean air, the greenery, the positive vibes that plants promote.

Also- Acrylic Gouache has quickly become one of my favorite mediums. Which is almost the total opposite of oils.

I find it very appropriate, and fitting to my personality.

5”x5” Print - $9

12”x12” Print - $30

12”x12” Canvas Print - $55

12”x12” Original Painting - $144