Rick Gogh Study
Mama’s Ceviche

12x12 Acrylic Gouache on Canvas Panel

Ceviche is a staple in Peruvian seafood cuisine, you could even consider it the Peruvian sushi!

Growing up, I remember every Sunday eating Mama Angelica’s ceviche (grandma) with my family.

Combinado con tallarín rojo y su papa a la huancaína

(combined with red spaghetti and papa a la huancaína, another Peruvian cuisine staple)

To this day, I have not found ANYONE who can compete or even come close to my grandmas ceviche.

I plan on making a series to immortalize all my favorite dishes made by my grandma, she is a chef like no other.

5”x5” Print - $9

12”x12” Print - $30

12”x12” Canvas Print - $55

12”x12” Original Painting - $144