9”x12” Oils on Canvas Sheet

Funny story, I have a spending problem..? Had?

Anyways- I see something that would make for a great still life and would not think twice. HOWEVER after accumulating things that I would never ever paint, I decided to slow down and not buy things on impulse.

Immediately following that decision, I saw this Buddha statue with a lotus and I KNEW I had to paint Buddha BUT I should shop my options. So I left it.

I searched and searched and no other Buddha felt right, I don’t remember if I went back a year later or if it just felt like it was a year later because I’m dramatic but this Buddha was still there.

Now he sits with my plants and gives me such a sense of tranquility every-time I glance of him.

If you haven’t heard or read about the Buddha’s eightfold path- I highly recommend you do!

It’s life’s best advice.

8.5”x11” Print - $25

11”x14” Print - $30

11”x14” Canvas Print - $55

9”x12” Original Painting - $130